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12 Ways to Incorporate Your Soon-to-Be Step Children on Your Special Day

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Recently, our CEO and Founder, Ashley got married to the love of her life Justin. Well, on top of gaining one love of her life, she also gained 3 more little loves as well - his 3 beautiful daughters! She is the opposite of what the typical stereotypical step mother would be, she is best friends with these three little angels and wanted to make sure they were just as incorporated as her and their father on their BIG day! Here are 12 pointers from Ashley G. herself on how to incorporate your step kids on your wedding day so that they know this day is just as much about them as it is about their parents!

1. Say Vows to them- This can always be so heartfelt and usually a tear jerker!

2. Allow them to do vows to you and your soon to be spouse – Be careful here though, you certainly want them to read them to grandma or someone else first!

3. Give them a gift during your ceremony; a ring or a necklace typically goes a long way!

4. Have them walk down the aisle- One of our clients had the grooms daughters walk the groom down the aisle and it was touching.

5. Do a parents dance with them – We love when the family has a song and that’s a special moment just for them!

6. Seat them at the head table with you- You’re family after all!

7. Have them do a reading during the ceremony- This way they can speak at the ceremony and its no surprise as to what they’re going to say!

8. Have them make a toast- Again, just make sure they go through it with someone first!

9. Have them zip you into your dress or put your veil on, makes for a great picture if you don’t already have someone in mind for this task!

10. Have them carry your vows down the aisle – This is a special one, because its not always known to the guests but its important to your intimate circle.

11. Introduce them into the room for the reception – Honor them as you would your bridal party and parents!

12. Have them delivery your grooms gift / brides gifts- then they get a special moment with both parents!


The AGP Team


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