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We produce every possible kind of event. We're happy to get involved completely, ensuring the big picture right down to the minute details are flawless or simply to help you with aspects of your event that just need a new set of eyes. You can hire our team to ensure every detail is attended to from beginning to end, or just to help you with certain aspects of the event. Either way, we'll start out by getting to know you and what you're looking to accomplish, then we'll dig in. 


We'll create a budget, select a venue, introduce you to the industry's best vendors, guide you in the timing and atmosphere decisions, and ultimately, be with you every single step of the way. Seriously, most of our closest friends are previous clients. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy the process as much as we do. After all, regardless of what milestone you're celebrating, or what event you're creating, we want you to love planning it just as much as we do. In our initial meeting we will go through our process with you and understand exactly what you want our role to be. 

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There are a multitude of ways you can hire our expert team. We like to be upfront about our pricing, after all, budget is always an important element to every event, even the most lavish. 


FULL PLANNING  This option encompasses us attending to your every need. We'll help you select vendors and budget, we'll help you design and determine the entertainment and atmosphere. We'll manage your guest list, and guest relations and manage the timing, the details and everything in between on the days of your event. We'll literally do it all. This option usually is 15-20% of your total budget. We can work off of a pre-determined flat fee or a percentage- whichever suites you best. 


ADVICE PLANNING  We find that many people don't want to allocate a full 20% of their budget over to a planner, and instead, just want to get advice on their timeline, what to do when in the planning process, and how to allocate their budget. We provide an advice based planning service, so you can call in the experts when you need us most.  


PERMIT PLANNING  One of our strong points is logistical planning, especially in the cities we work most often in. Sometimes navigating the local permit process can be difficult, but our vast experience in this arena can certainly make this a seamless component of your event. We really know what needs to be done and we'll take the guess work out of it for you- Not to mention the countless hours! This fee varies depending on the type of permit necessary. 


DAY OF COORDINATION This is for our events that just need help the two weeks prior and day of. We want to ensure you get to soak up every moment and enjoy the entirety of your event. We'll tend to all the details. We'll cross your T's and dot your i's for you so you get the most out of your event. This service truly is based on how large your event is and what kind of planning you have left. 




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