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Together We RiSE

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

The RiSE festival is not only an incredible event to attend; it’s an amazing event to be a part of the team on. We absolutely LOVE our RiSE team, from the owners down to the day of employees, everyone truly embodies what the festival is all about, and working with alongside everyone is a producers dream!

RiSE was created by a group of guys who all had their hands in different aspects of the event world, but also had careers aside from this crazy industry. They brilliantly created a brand that resonates with people from all walks of life. They tell the story as if it was just a bright little idea that came to be on a trip to Thailand, but RiSE is so much more to so many people now. For me, in particular, RiSE is what made me fall back in love with production.

Every year at RiSE, I get my breath of fresh air so to speak… a little reminder of all the things I love about my career. It typically falls at the end of our crazy busy season, and so not only do I get to surround myself with one of my most favorite teams of people for almost two weeks in the middle of the desert, but I get to reflect back, and be grateful for the year behind me, while I literally send my hopes for the year ahead. -Ashley Goodhue White // CEO & Founder of AGP

RiSE came to me in year 2 of their festival to help with production. I ultimately became their Event Director and have since produced the last 3 years of RiSE with my AGP team. We bring in a TON of people for the festival and even more infrastructure. RiSE is out in the middle of the Moapa Desert, so quite literally, we build the site from scratch. We arrive to a cleared space in the desert, and in 6 days, we build out a fully functioning, perfectly crafted, well-designed site. The creative direction comes from RiSE itself, and then AGP takes hold of the production and operations of the site itself. Everything from tenting, staffing, all infrastructure build out, shuttles and parking, to signage, trash management, warehousing, and food and beverage; we come to an empty desert, throw an incredible event, and 12 days later, we ensure we leave the grounds better than we ever found them.

We’ll dig into the nitty gritty of festival production on other posts, but for starters, you should check out to see how incredible of an event it is! We love it, and we know you will too.


The AGP Team


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