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10 Hidden Wedding Costs You May Not Know About

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

This is a tough one, because as a producer we’re trained to know exactly what’s coming when. However, just having gone through planning my own wedding, there were certainly things I had (willingly) forgotten about and I think that’s probably the best place to start.

1- Tipping:

People just forget to budget for it. We always put a line item in our budgets for this, but its one of those things that no one wants to remember is coming. But lets be honest, those people working and slaving for your special day, certainly deserve a little something extra, especially if they’re not the business owner!

2- Tax:

Don’t forget that at the end of all of your fun selections, you’re going to get hit with the tax! And in some states, that can be nearly 10% of your bill, so it certainly adds up quickly! We always show tax as a total at the bottom of the budget, so that we can ensure when we say the budget is $20,000

for Rentals, it is actually that amount that gets to be spent with that vendor. Then tax is added on top, but always factored into the total budget.

3- Guest Room Delivery Fees:

Ouch! A lot of our clients LOVE to do Welcome Bags for their weekend getaways, and we love them too. (Check out our Blog on the best Welcome Bag ideas) Some of our clients even like to do turn down gifts in addition to the Welcome Bag. While they’re so fun to do and will certainly leave your guests with the most memorable goodnight wishes, the delivery fees at most resort properties are anywhere from $3.50- $8 per delivery. With 100 guest rooms on average, that can add up quick! Make sure to budget properly in your Gifts line item, and if at all possible, try to negotiate the rate in your hotel contract before you sign!

4- Bridal Party Gifts:

While completely not necessary, it has certainly become the norm to give every member of your bridal party a little something to say thank you. After all, they’ve loved you the most and helped you through the last year or so of planning! This can range anywhere on the budget but often is something that is left for the last minute, and thus, it isn’t properly budgeted for. Take it into account when you’re planning your big day, from the beginning so it doesn’t make that month before the wedding extra tight!

5- Alterations:

Wedding dress alterations can be extremely costly! There’s not much avoiding it, but the best way to account for it is to go into the shopping process accounting for it. Meaning, if your dress budget is $3,500, ask your Bridal Associate to ensure you will stay under $3,500 with your alterations and veil. Keep in mind; veils can also be extremely pricey!

6- Overtime Fees:

This is a bittersweet one! We love a great party, and who doesn’t want a great party to go on and on? We do! But it certainly comes at a cost. All of your vendors, and your venue, will have overtime fees past the agreed upon contracted times. Make sure you’re fully aware of what that full hour, or half hour will cost you total before going into your wedding day!

7- Vendor Meals:

Vendor meals are generally half of your dinner price, or will be a separate menu at a reduced rate. Typically, you’ll need to feed your photographer, videographer, band or DJ, and any producers on site during a dinner period. Some vendors may require lunch as well if they’re on site all day setting up!

8- Corkage Fees:

This of course depends on your venue and what your contract is for alcohol, but be sure to ask prior to signing any contracts with catering and venues! Also, some venues require that you purchase alcohol through certain vendors, be sure to understand those costs as well.

9- Delivery / Breakdown Costs:

These are typically part of the contract for your vendors, but be sure to ensure they’re factored in. Also, make sure if you’re hosting your event at a private venue that you understand (and your vendors are aware) when you must be fully loaded out by. Some venues will slap a big fee on you if everything is clear by the contracted time!

10- Weather Backup Plan:

This is always a concern for any event that takes place outside. Even in places like California where the weather is typically wonderful, just know what you’d need to do in order to ensure the event is a success. Part of knowing what you’d need to do, may include switching some things around. For our clients we always show a backup plan and determine in advance what would need to be added or

taken away. We typically say to your backup plan into effect at least 24 hours in advance. Keep in mind, Vendors usually pack trucks the day before your event, but if your event is on a Sunday, more than likely the truck will be packed on Friday!

We hope you find these tips helpful, feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have about potential wedding day hidden costs!

-The AGP Team


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